Israel forecasts sharp rise in Orri Jaffa mandarin exports to North America

January 09 , 2019

Israel is forecasting a 70% export increase for its Orri Jaffa mandarin brand to the U.S. and Canada this season, expecting they will rise to 9,000 metric tons (MT).

The late-season variety was developed by breeders at the Israeli Volcani Research Center and is available from January through May.

The Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel said that U.S. citrus market has been growing significantly in recent years and is composed largely of imports, with mandarins accounting for 40% of the market.

“The US market for easy-to-peel mandarins is substantial and holds promise as a developing target market for Israeli citrus exports,” says Tal Amit, Director of the Citrus Division in the Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel.

“The success of easy-peeler mandarins in particular can be easily credited to the fruit’s great flavor and unbeatable convenience.”

Over the past five seasons, citrus exports from Israel to North America have increased from 3,000MT to 9,000MT last season, of which about 5,300MT are mandarins. 

It pointed out that U.S. consumption per capita is among the lowest in the world, about 2.5 kg per year.

"But based on the rapidly increasing demand, that figure is forecast to double. In Canada, that figure is almost doubled exceeding 4.6 Kg per capita," it said.

Orri Jaffa mandarins are currently exported to 45 countries worldwide. Most volumes are exported to Europe (78%), and about 18% to North America.



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