Australian supermarkets send groceries to flood-hit Queensland on barges and planes -

Australian supermarkets send groceries to flood-hit Queensland on barges and planes

Australian supermarket chains have been unable to keep up with the demand of residents of the state of Queensland stocking up on food as authorities warned thousands heavy rain and the risk of flooding could last for more than a week.

Almost a fortnight of flooding made it difficult for supermarkets to keep shelves full and it’s left Queenslanders frantically looking for food.

Panicked locals in the north of the state have bought out entire supermarkets over the past few days, with photos (below) showing the true extent of the problem.

“The shops in Townsville are insane, literally can’t get so many things from any stores, insane,” a local wrote.

As a result, Chains like Woolworths and Coles have been working around the clock to secure supplies for the flooded regions, local media News reported.

A plane filled with Coles’ groceries was due to touch down in Cairns on Tuesday with some of the supplies being driven down to Townsville.

The Bruce Highway between Cairns and Townsville was recently reopened, however locals are being warned there is still water over the road.

“Yesterday Coles chartered a plane to deliver fresh produce, groceries and bakery flour to flood-affected Townsville and Cairns stores,” a Coles spokeswoman was quoted as saying.

“We are also investigating alternative delivery routes with trucks from Adelaide and Darwin on the roads to deliver to other flood-impacted areas of Far North Queensland.

Woolworths is also working hard to get food into the region, securing a barge and filling it with 300 metric tons (MT) of groceries while also chartering two planes.

“While the road access up north has been challenging, we’ve secured a barge to deliver 300 tonnes of fresh food, nappies, baby formula and other essential items,” Woolworths Northern Queensland operations manager Tina Anandji was quoted as saying.

The barge is expected to arrive in Townsville tomorrow filled with an extra 30 contingency containers carrying essential lines such as water, long life milk, baby formula, beans, noodles and toilet paper.

Two charter planes with 40 tonnes of fresh food and essentials were also due to land in Cairns on Tuesday.