The global blueberry industry gathering in British Columbia, Canada

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The global blueberry industry gathering in British Columbia, Canada

The global blueberry industry is set to meet from June 24-26, in Richmond, Vancouver, where the International Blueberry Organization (IBO) Summit will bring together experts to discuss the biggest opportunities and challenges for the industry worldwide.

The agenda is full of top-notch speakers and a full-day tour that includes retail, a blueberry field and a processing facility, giving the attendees an overview of one of the world's most experienced blueberry industries.

"The IBO summit brings the global blueberry industry together under one roof to address challenges and explore opportunities moving forward," said Anju Gill, executive director of the BC Blueberry Council. "The international delegation will experience first-hand the natural beauty of British Columbia, the largest highbush blueberry-growing region in Canada.

"We are pleased to announce a superb lineup of industry specialists, and ‘on-the-ground’ panelists, including fruit quality experts, breeders, retailers and exporters from around the world."

The program consists of a broad range of educational and forward-thinking sessions, panels and presentations, which will enlighten guests on important topics including the latest developments and future trends in production, marketing, logistics, equipment, trade and market access, substrate production, breeding and genetics, retail and more.

The IBO Summit is held in a different blueberry-producing country every 18 months, highlighting the interconnectedness of the global blueberry industry as both demand and production continue to grow at astonishing rates all around the world. Canada ranks third globally behind the U.S. and Chile in terms of production volume.

"British Columbia leads in packing and processing technology advancement and grows some of the best quality blueberries for the global markets," said Parm Bains, chair of the IBO Organizing Committee. "Along with some of the most ideal growing conditions and high food safety standards, BC blueberries have the trust for quality and food safety, putting them in high demand from customers around the world.

"With the global blueberry community gathering in one place in Vancouver, we are expecting a very open dialogue and discussion of our strengths and challenges that we face as a blueberry industry."

This year's IBO Summit is set to be the biggest yet, providing excellent opportunities for attendees to network with a large number of key players from across the entire global supply chain in one location.

"The IBO Summits held over the years have continued to grow no matter how you look at it – the number of participants, the range of activities, speaker topic and expertise, and global representation," said Peter McPherson, chairman of the IBO.

"The agenda that the Canadian organizing team has put together will only enhance the importance of this truly international event. The presenters and speakers at the conference will be at the leading edge of all topics in blueberries globally.

"In addition, there is a clear intention to provide quality time to allow all industry participants to network with industry leaders and experts to gain insights that will grow their individual wisdom in this great industry. Clearly, this is an event not to be missed by all in the blueberry business."

Click here for more information about the IBO Summit on June 24-26.

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