UNITEC celebrates 95 years of innovation and looks towards the future

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UNITEC celebrates 95 years of innovation and looks towards the future


For the 95th anniversary of UNITEC, our wish is that they can continue on the same road travelled so far! Their growth has also been our growth as Customers who have chosen UNITEC.

These are the words of Salvatore Secondulfo, Sales Manager of the homonymous Packing House, which convey very well the philosophy behind all UNITEC's work: the total sharing of its Customers' objectives.

“The Results of UNITEC are the Results of its Customers. - said Angelo Benedetti, President of UNITEC - We at UNITEC and our customers play on the same side, we are part of the same team. If we win, we all win!"

On the occasion of its ninety-fifth birthday - it was 1924 when the first mechanical sorters were made - there is so much emotion at UNITEC, retracing the goals achieved during almost a century of work with a single and clear mission: to improve and make more effective and efficient the processing and quality selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

95 years of great ideas and deep passion for innovation, which since the foundation of UNITEC has been the engine of its activity and of all the Results achieved over the years, all over the world.

UNITEC's growth has been extraordinary, both in terms of revenue and in terms of number of employees. However, the most important and constantly monitored parameter is always the satisfaction of its Customers.

"The real meter - said Angelo Benedetti - the most important unit of measurement is Customer satisfaction, derived from the achievement of concrete Results".

Marco Magnano, owner of Solfrutta, also talks about Concrete Results, recalling the 22 years of cooperation between UNITEC and his company:

In 1997 we processed about 5,000 tons of fruit. Today we process about 40,000 / 45,000 tons of fruit per year, including peaches, plums, apples and kiwifruits.

A double-digit growth also for Afe-Salvi, which has been constantly working with UNITEC for almost 30 years. Here are the words of President Marco Salvi:

The first memory I have of UNITEC dates back to a meeting in the early 1990s. I think we can safely say that today we handle 50-60% more fruit than before.

Results such as these have allowed UNITEC to gain the trust of its Customers over the years, also thanks to the longevity of its technologies.

Our first UNITEC technology was a 2001-cup sorter. The basic structure is still in place in our company! For me it's still new!

This is how Adriano Petteni, owner of La Buona Frutta, commented on the longevity of his UNITEC sorter for processing peaches, nectarines and apricots, installed in 2001 and that today, after 18 years, is still working at full capacity.

This trusting relationship that has been established over time - continues Petteni - is such that we never turn to their competitors!

UNITEC is also linked to Italfrutta by a multi-year cooperation that has given great Results. Here are the words of Singh Sandeep, Production Manager:

After more than thirty years with UNITEC, we have succeeded in improving our work, we have evolved and we have always succeeded in achieving our objectives with the utmost confidence, thanks to the reliability of the UNITEC people.

Giancarlo Minguzzi, President of the homonymous Company, spoke about the longevity of UNITEC technologies and of a solid and long-lasting partnership:

My father had his first contacts with UNITEC in 1960. Therefore, we have been working with UNITEC for almost 60 years. They have always accompanied us with the most appropriate solutions for all the products we have decided to process. Today we are very happy and the product we sell abroad makes us satisfied.

Not only Italian Customers, but also Customers from all over the world, located in various Countries have achieved very important results thanks to UNITEC technologies.

Here, for example, is the testimony of Gabriel Grisanti, Director of the Argentine Patagonia Packing House Tres Ases:

Thanks to the relationship with UNITEC, our company has evolved favourably because UNITEC has allowed us to remain at the forefront of technology. It has allowed us to grow from 30,000 to the current 45,000 tons of product processed in our twelve-year relationship! Today we always discuss with UNITEC all our development projects.

Vítor Araújo, owner of the Portuguese Packing House Kiwi Greensun, echoes his words: UNITEC provided us with our first sorter. 

The company had just been created, it was a small company that processed 1,500 tons of kiwifruits. Currently, we process 8,000 tons of kiwifruits every year. After 15 years we are a modern company, with cutting-edge technology, and we are a milestone in the quality kiwifruit sector, thanks to our timeless line purchased 15 years ago!

If UNITEC guarantees Results to its Customers, year after year, season after season, it is thanks to innovation. Innovate, innovate, innovate continuously.

However, innovation alone is not enough. In addition to increasingly innovative technologies, in fact, a prompt and constant assistance is needed, in which UNITEC has always believed and invested over the years. A specialized support, technical, but also very "human".

This is one of the most important benefits guaranteed by UNITEC.

Thinking of UNITEC, the first word that comes to my mind is friendship, because after all these years a special relationship has been created with all technicians and salespeople. The second word I can say is availability, because it is an aspect that never fails in UNITEC, at any time of the day and year.

A statement like this, issued by Fabrizio Magnano, Sales Manager of Solfrutta, filled the UNITEC Team with joy.

Every time I needed to make a new line - says Giancarlo Minguzzi - they did not just make new drawings, they came to the site to check if, depending on the space, it was necessary to change certain aspects of the machine, in order to make the whole fruit process faster and more precise.

Nello Alba, CEO of Oranfrizer, specialized in citrus fruits, also wanted to talk about the benefits guaranteed by UNITEC, which transcend its technologies:

I believe that with UNITEC we have always built a relationship based not only on machines or innovation, but on something more...UNITEC gives you certainty!

Atanasio Naranjo, founder and president of Tany Nature, a leading Spanish company in the production of stone fruits, which evolved during the years of collaboration with UNITEC from 200 to 2700 hectares, spoke of the ability of UNITEC to listen carefully to the real needs of the Customer and to respond promptly:

If we expose our needs to them, in an almost record time, as if they knew in advance, they have the answer!

UNITEC is what it is today thanks to its solid roots that sink in the past, but also and above all thanks to its look constantly turned to the future. The projection to the future and the passion for innovation characterize the new UNITEC project for the creation of a Research and Development Center, which will be built in front of the company's headquarters.

This Center, which will include new offices, an area entirely dedicated to prototypes, conference rooms, training rooms and a showroom, it will investigate mechatronics, robotics and artificial vision. In order to ensure its Customers always new Results.

The attention of UNITEC is certainly aimed at new technologies, but also at its own collaborators, the true engine of the company. In front of these 95 birthday candles, Angelo Benedetti therefore wanted to thank all the employees and
collaborators: “I thank everyone who has worked in the past and those who work today at UNITEC, one by one. Without the contribution of each of them, we would not have achieved all this! ".

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