U.S.: ALDI says study shows its stores are simpler and faster

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U.S.: ALDI says study shows its stores are simpler and faster

ALDI US says that a new Kantar study indicates its stores are easier to navigate and provide a faster, more fun grocery retailer to shop than Walmart Supercenters.

The study findings concluded 77% of the participants who identified as primary grocery shoppers and shopped at ALDI agree the store is "simpler to shop" compared to other grocery stores.

It also showed it is at least 20% faster to shop at ALDI than at Kroger and Walmart stores. 

"Today's shoppers are pressed for time and money. We pioneered a model that gives people more of both — if you ask me, this is a winning combination for grocery shopping," said Scott Patton, Vice President of Corporate Buying, ALDI U.S. 

Additionally, nine out of 10 respondents who shopped at ALDI agree it was "more cost-effective" than other grocery stores, the company says.

It also claims that it is reinventing the grocery model.

"The goal of our research was to create a consistent and accurate way to compare the in-store experience at ALDI versus some of the country's most-shopped grocery stores," said James Sorensen at Kantar.

"By studying several hundred shoppers, we were able to deliver an analysis of how a unique retailer like ALDI can reinvent the shopping experience for the benefit of shoppers."

Kantar recruited 700 people ages 18-64 across four regions of the country to engage in a timed shop for 30 of the most commonly purchased grocery items. After participants finished shopping, they completed a survey to assess their satisfaction with the overall shopping experience. The study was commissioned by ALDI.

To qualify for the study, participants must have identified themselves as the primary grocery shopper for their household and must have shopped at an ALDI, Kroger (any Kroger-owned store brand) or Walmart Supercenter within the past month.


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