Does kiwifruit help you sleep? Major study to find out

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Does kiwifruit help you sleep? Major study to find out

A new study is to determine just how useful kiwifruit is to aid people's sleep, local media Stuff reported.

Australasian conference Sleep DownUnder will take place in Sydney, Australia from Oct. 17-19. It will discuss a variety of new sleep aids to help New Zealanders sleep better.

Sleep specialist Angela Campbell said a large portion of the population had trouble with insomnia and another portion struggled with disorders like sleep apnea.

Kiwifruit are among the top five ideas to help people to sleep better. 

The fruit has previously been found to potentially have a beneficial role in sleep because it contains serotonin.

Massey University researcher Alex Kanon look into the connection between kiwifruit and sleep. The study will likely last for three years.

Male adults aged 18-45 who have trouble sleeping but no diagnosed sleep disorder will be wanted for the study in January.

Kanon said the researchers were only looking for males, in order to reduce variation in the experimental study.


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