Spanish mangoes: Lower production, adapting to competitive market

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Spanish mangoes: Lower production, adapting to competitive market

Spanish mango season this year was characterized by its "contained prices" and lower production, said the Spanish Association of Tropical Fruit. 

President of the association Javier Braun told that the season's slow pace began at the start of the season. This was because "Brazil has been flooding the European market with cheap, lower quality mangoes than Spanish mangoes".

Similarly, as the season comes to an end, Sigfrido Fruit owner Sigfrido Molina noted the same. He told that the numbers were down this season compared to last.

"Prices have not been higher, they have been practically the same as last season," he added.

Spanish mango producers had higher expectations at the beginning of the season, he explained. The industry was looking to "compensate for the lack of volume and wanted a higher price".

He also added that at the start, it tried to raise prices by 30% from last year. However "market conditions collapsed as Brazilian fruit poured in. This impacted demand all year.

"So, we had to adjust and make prices similar to those of last year even though we had less production".

Lower production of Spanish mangoes

The Spanish Association of Tropical Fruit said in November that the total volume reached 25,000 metric tons (MT) for 2019. Last year, volumes were around 36,000MT.

Although quality of Spanish mangoes was better this year, the industry was forced to adapt to new market conditions, said Molina.

In Molina's opinion, what truly affected the season were lower production volumes. The industry attributed this to climate change and the fact that mangoes tend "to have fluctuating production".

ValenciaFruits said that the mango association estimates that production will soar in years to come. It says it could reach 70,000 MT within four to five years.

The industry is waiting for its new trees that have yet to come into production.

But despite pricing and production problems, grower continued to highlight the mango's quality.

The main markets for Spanish mango exports include France, the U.K. and Germany. Additionally, Sigfrido Fruit exported to Canada and Serbia for the first time this year.


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