Argentine packing house Tres Ases chooses UNITEC Apples Sort 3

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Argentine packing house Tres Ases chooses UNITEC Apples Sort 3


Argentine packing house Tres Ases chooses UNITEC Apples Sort 3, a system which guarantees homogeneity in the quality of the final product and an increase in the production efficiency.

We decided to install Unitec vision system Apple Sort 3 in our 2007 UNITEC sorter to always be at the top of technology and to optimize the entire handling process.

The UNITEC sorter on which we installed the vision system was in perfect condition, which made it all the easier!

CEO of Patagonia packing house Tres Ases Gabriel Grisanti used these words to describe his choice to invest again in UNITEC technology, by installing Apple Sort 3 vision system on the UNITEC sorter he had already owned for 12 years.

Gabriel Grisanti put double trust in UNITEC: willingness to invest in a new, more advanced and innovative system, and willingness to install it on a line that has been fully operational for years. Indeed, after 12 years, the system is still "in perfect conditions", as Grisanti describes it, thus highlighting one of the characteristics that customers always recognize in UNITEC technologies: longevity, reliability over time.

Gabriel Grisanti went on to describe the results of his choice:

Apple Sort 3 allowed us to reach the standardization levels required today by the market in which we operate, which is very demanding in terms of quality.

With the installation of Apple Sort 3, we have achieved important results. The most significant one was attaining homogeneity and uniformity of the final product.

As a matter of fact, Apple Sort 3 allowed Tres Ases to obtain apples that are extremely uniform within each final package, and to achieve absolute consistency between one package and another: apple classes of Consistent Quality within each supply and over time.

This is all possible because this system can select the quality of apples with great reliability and according to multiple parameters: external quality, shape defects, size and color.

Therefore, Apple Sort 3 allows the division of fruits according to preservation and distribution requirements in the respective target markets. Furthermore, it offers the final consumer quality apples that meet his taste and expectations.

Reaching qualitative uniformity was not the only benefit brought by Apple Sort 3. CEO Grisanti added more:

In addition to the standardization of the final product, the integration of Apple Sort 3 allowed us to obtain other important advantages: a greater enhancement of the product, an increase in the overall productivity and greater ease of supervision by our personnel.

Thanks to its degree of automation, Apple Sort 3 brought significant savings in terms of labor costs. And not just that: adopting this new UNITEC technological upgrade allowed the packing house to achieve a significant increase in the production efficiency. 

Moreover, Grisanti underlined how easy it is to use this system, which allows the personnel to easily interface with the software and with the line as a whole. This way, the whole process is supervised more efficiently and easily.

Gabriel Grisanti concluded:

The words I would use to describe UNITEC group after these years of important experience are reliability, support and efficiency.

These words and the Results achieved filled with joy the UNITEC Team, which works every day to make its technologies more reliable and constantly puts itself at the service of the customer. That’s because UNITEC believes that combining high-performance technological solutions with “human” support and availability is the best way to support Packing Houses in the world to help them achieve concrete development Results.

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