Crux Agribotics demonstrates SortiPack at Fruit Logistica in Berlin -

Crux Agribotics demonstrates SortiPack at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

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Crux Agribotics demonstrates SortiPack at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

Crux Agribotics demonstrates SortiPack system for automated Grading, Sorting and packing at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 5-7 February 2020. SortiPack is a fully automated system that enables the agriculture industry to anticipate upon market-growth and shortage of labor.  

Worldwide we see scarcity of human labor as an increasing factor of uncertainty in food-processing companies. With SortiPack we offer one footprint in which bulk harvested fruit or vegetables are individually packed in a controlled way.

Our vision-system combines 2D and 3D imaging and smart classification algorithms to determine the optimal destination of each individual product, grading in optimal uniformity and minimizing the give-away weight.

Grading and sorting is performed real-time up to 20,000 pieces per hour, depending number of classes, weight and size of the actual product. This enables growers to scale up, ultimately to 24/7 operations, whilst automation decisions are objective, constant and consistent instead of human subjectivity.

In the fast-changing world we live in, there are new value-streams coming up in the form of data.

Data about your harvest, product-quality and packing is digitally available. This enables growers to assess quality real-time and also take predictive measures such as selling its yield in advance at the best price.

Based on the actual yields, the SortiPack system will also make automatic suggestions to optimize the sorting classification based on set parameters such as dimensions, weight and product quality. Imagine what these insights can mean for your continuous improvement process and yield optimization.

A ‘pay-as-you-use’ model

Although SortiPack typically provides an attractive pay-back period, Crux Agribotics wants to accelerate its adoption worldwide through its SPaaS model. This business model, based on a minimal set-up fee combined with fully variable and pay-as-you-use fees, enables growers to adopt this new technology without having to invest upfront. It enables the smaller or more conservative growers -who may be skeptical about new technology adoption- to also benefit from this innovation.

About Crux Agribotics

Crux Agribotics develops, delivers and supports automatic Grading, Sorting and Packing Robotics with vision and machine-/deep learning software. Crux Agribotics is dedicated to automating processes within the agriculture / horticulture markets together with its sister company KOAT B.V. who delivers complete systems for material handling and internal logistics for growers worldwide.

Crux Agribotics is growing rapidly and setting up local sales and service offices across the globe. Currently services are being delivered from its headquarters in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and a service hub in Ontario, Canada.

For further information please contact:
Bjard Schoots
Freddy van Riemsdijkweg 8
5657 EE Eindhoven
T: +31 6 38303006
L: LinkedIn Cruxagribotics


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