Mexican avocado industry attributes much of success to marketing strategies

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Mexican avocado industry attributes much of success to marketing strategies

Mexico's avocado producer and packer's association APEAM attributes much of the success of the industry to its marketing strategies.

The organization told "Investment in publicity and marketing has generated valuable growth for the category. This translates to economic benefits for the entire supply chain of avocados in Michoacan and Mexico."

"Over the past six years, on various occasions, APEAM has invested in promoting Mexican avocados in the U.S. market. Results have been extremely successful and have added to increasing consumption which went from 500 grams to 3.5 kilograms per capita in the U.S."

It added that in recent years there has been a 20% rise in exports in January, the key month that leads up to the Super Bowl. That month in 2018 the industry exported 100,000 metric tons (MT) while in the same month in 2019, 120,000MT were sent.

APEAM also pointed out that "during week three of this year, we have just broken the record of shipments relative to the same period last year with current shipments reaching 33,814MT for the Super Bowl".

Shipments thus far this season have been going at their normal pace, with about 22,000MT per week. Currently, APEAM told us, "the figures of weekly shipments are equivalent to one truck leaving Michoacan to the U.S. every six minutes".

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"Mexican avocados have generated more than 80% of the current obsession that U.S. consumers have for avocados. This is a story that is worth showing to the 112,000 consumers in the market and we shouldn't forget that," commented president of Avocados From Mexico (AFM) Alvaro Luque.

He went on to emphasize the importance of the upcoming event in the U.S. that Mexican avocados won't miss out on - the Super Bowl. The industry is now looking towards partaking in "the big day for marketing in the county [the U.S.] to remind consumers that the Mexican avocado is healthy, delicious and always in season".

Concerning the current state of the season, APEAM said that its "research shows that consumption continues to climb in various parts of the world. In Central American countries like El Salvador and Honduras, in Europe - places like France and Spain, all saw critical increases in consumption in 2019".

Finally, the organization added that they continue working in markets in Asia and that in order to better shipments to those markets, they are constantly looking for better transportation alternatives.

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