Agricultural software to improve field yields -

Agricultural software to improve field yields

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Agricultural software to improve field yields

There is a wide variety of farm management equipment on the market, which is mainly used by farmers to make things easier on the lot. Farm management equipment can be categorized into two groups. First is the equipment used by farmers for field state analysis. 

There is also equipment for plant growth control and monitoring. Farm management equipment is a necessary tool because every farmer needs certain techniques and tools to manage their farms. Nowadays, the farming industry has developed a lot and farm management software needs to keep pace with changing technology. 

Effective use of management software can be profoundly beneficial to a farm business. Today, a lot of innovative software companies are joining forces to create a 'one stop shop' for practical, straightforward software packages for farmers, covering everything from accounts and herd records to grass and field management and NVZ compliance.

First of all, farming software is used to increase efficiency in harvest. Old farm technologies are replaced by new technologies in all areas: from field and soil analysis to monitoring and promoting effective plant growth at each stage.

Space monitoring systems - also known as farm management software - provide precise field treatment guidance, helps manage documents, collects field maps, calculates NDVI and AXO indices, processes satellite taken images and monitors climate risks.

Different types and uses of agricultural software

There are many software tools for farmers these days. All of them are designed to optimize agricultural management. Our experts implemented a deep analysis of the most popular software for agricultural management, including free agricultural software, it was divided into the following clusters based on frequency of use.

More than half of all intelligent agricultural applications belong to field management (also known as “Farm management”).

These applications include ERP, crop Management and finance management. With the help of this innovative software, farmers are able to manage their resources more efficiently. Moreover, it greatly facilitates crops monitoring.

  1. Finance management focuses on stock supervision, storage, financial reporting and farm control. Farmers have the ability to enter all transactions, broken down by product and area, with quantities for bulk items such as feed, hay, soil, manure or whatever they buy in bulk. This gives them the ability to calculate expenses by product or by area or field.
  2. Crop management is a solution focused on the detailed and intensive analysis of the fields’ state and the harvest forecast.
  3. The ERP is an innovative and modern platform for farm management that performs an analysis of field conditions, finances, personnel and equipment functioning. It is the best software tool to carry out planning, collect all kinds of information and make forecasts.
  • 12% software belongs to agriculture precision and data analytics. This innovative software involves the usage of big data and predictive analysis in order to answer questions related to the field. This software helps farmers save energy, increase productivity, optimize the use of herbicide and pesticides and manage risks. 
  • 10% deals with field monitoring and sensors. These tools aim to analyze the state of the fields. They use sensors that gather data and help farmers monitor the health of plants, animals, climate, soil quality, waste, water use and other factors. 
  • 7% are big data aggregators. These applications gather and store information for farmers from different sources, but offer neither detailed analysis nor guidance for farmers.
  • Another 7% is dedicated to big data analysis, the farming software intended for geospatial data processing received from different sources.
  • 4% are the programs for analysis of image data combined with big data analysis. For those who are looking for free farm management software, it provides a more complex solution.
  • 2% use explorer. This software involves processing small sets of images, the minimum amount of information required, to detect problem points in the field.
  • 6% of software is found in other applications. Mainly these are sensors (hardware+ software) and aerial,robotic and drone tools (aerial photo based agricultural services or drone software).

How does this monitoring improve your farm?

The biggest advantage of our software is its ability to handle different tasks. It can be used either by farmers, insurance companies or traders.

 Many farming industry representatives have tried to address all areas that are important in operating a farm business. And, agricultural management tools can be used both on a conventional farm there and for organic and community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms.

There are now new features included for these types of farms, including full customer support, the ability to sell shares, track pickups and handle all communication with customers. Farm software experts, also, have provided the ability to separate a farm into different areas and apply income and expense to each of those areas. In doing this, farmers can make the most profitable decisions. 

Farm management equipment is very efficient and even if it may be a big investment, you must consider it as a long term benefit and, rest assured, the money that a farmer spends on it is well worth it.

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