Root 24 Farms launches first organic fresh blueberry items

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Root 24 Farms launches first organic fresh blueberry items

Sales of fresh organic blueberries continue to soar – up 20% versus last year according to recent data from Category Partners, making them one of the Top 15 Organic Produce Categories at retail. Root 24 Farms, a new organic blueberry grower with deep, fifth-generation roots, holds a unique role as both the organic farmer and marketer of fresh organic blueberries, as well as a full line of blueberry products.

Rooted in dedicated organic farmland on either side of the Columbia River in Central Washington State, Root 24 Farms is a newcomer to the organic blueberry world. But its principals are far from new to the land or the business. Tim Youmans, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing is a 20-year produce veteran who spent most of his career with Driscolls.

“I am excited to be here at Root 24 Farms,” said Youmans. “Our farmers are passionately dedicated to organic, to producing food that’s both healthy and delicious, and to protecting every piece of our ecosystem as we do it.” Root 24 Farms has 650 acres of certified organic farmland in Central Washington State and many more acres in transition to organic.

“Our name comes from the fact that we’re deeply rooted in the land and that our two growing regions—Moxee and Othello—are each at opposite ends of Route 24, which traverses the heart of Washington—crossing the Columbia River to link our two farms,” says Youmans.

Youmans is particularly proud of the high-quality Root 24 Farms is able to maintain based on varieties matched to growing region.

“Our geography is unique and our season is relatively short,” said Youmans. “We have matched varieties with ideal consumer flavor attributes to the land we grow on and to our organic farming system.

"We have tried to view varietal selection holistically and always with a focus on a true blueberry flavor experience that drives consumer consumption. And we also offer a premium 6oz Jumbo item.”

Because Root 24 Farms’ product portfolio includes frozen, dried, and powdered blueberries in addition to fresh, berries are segmented by quality and characteristics into different usages, ensuring that only the highest quality berries with ideal characteristics are packed into their 6 oz, dry pint, 18 oz and 2 lb clamshells.

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