Hazel Tech announces successful mango partnership with Peruvian exporter

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Hazel Tech announces successful mango partnership with Peruvian exporter

Hazel Technologies, developer of new USDA-funded technologies to protect produce quality, has announced a partnership with Fundo Los Paltos, a leading grower and exporter of mangoes from Peru since 2006.

As part of the partnership, Fundo Los Paltos mangoes exported to Asia and Europe will incorporate Hazel for Mango to ensure the highest possible quality arrivals.

In 2018, Peru was the third-largest mango exporter in the world, exporting over 9,000 containers of mangoes, over 70% of which were sent to Asia or Europe.

Fundo Los Paltos currently manages over 700 acres of mangoes in the San Lorenzo production area of Piura on the coast of Northern Peru. In-depth testing last season with Hazel for Mango yielded positive results including higher firmness, lower incidence of decay and lower quality claims on arrival.

"In 2019 we tested Hazel™ for Mango on approximately 30% of our export shipments, with 25 to 32 day transit times to Europe or Asia," said Renzo Muro, CEO, of Fundo Los Paltos.

“Our product arrived with consistently higher firmness and lower incidence of decay such as anthracnose, and as a result we reduced quality claims by 75%. We look forward to fully incorporating Hazel Tech®️ into our export containers this upcoming season”

Martin Roeder, Latin America Sales Manager, said: "Our Hazel™ for Mango and Hazel™ for Grape post-harvest solutions have received a lot of excitement in South America following consistent positive results in the past year. We look forward to servicing our customers and continuing to grow our presence in the market"

Aidan Mouat, CEO of Hazel Technologies, said: "Mango production has continued to grow in recent years, and with the food supply chain globalizing faster than ever, longer shipment distances mean a higher risk for lower quality arrivals and more food waste.

"Our goal at Hazel has always been to sustainably connect global markets by ensuring maximum fruit quality and minimum food waste. The success of our new Peruvian partnership paves the way for future partnerships in India, Brazil, and Thailand. It's a big step forward for our international presence."

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