Mexican growers get green light to plant new avocado variety

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Mexican growers get green light to plant new avocado variety

A new avocado variety, which promises to revolutionize the market has arrived in Mexico: the Luna UCR avocado.

The variety, patented by the Spanish company Eurosemillas and the University of California Riverside (UCR), was recognized by  TIME magazine as the best agronomic invention of 2023.

In Mexico, Jaliscavo was the first company to obtain authorization to reproduce the genetics, plant, and commercialize the Luna UCR avocado variety.

José Antonio Aguilera, a partner of Jaliscavo said that the main advantage of this new variety is that it produces a fruit with similar characteristics to the Hass avocado and that it pollinates it at the same time since it is a type B flower and the Hass is a type A flower, increasing the productivity per hectare exponentially.

"We are convinced that this variety will change the international avocado scene," Aguilera told

He added that the tree has less crown and grows more vertically, which facilitates fruit harvesting. Its post-harvest life is exceptional he said. Adding that it is a great tool to modernize plantations in a simple way, with more trees per hectare, more pollen available, and more profitability.

Rogelio Moreno, a grower associated with Jaliscavo said that it will be very interesting to plant the Luna UCR variety in all areas, but more so in high areas, above 1,900 m.a.s.l., since it is a variety that is harvested 3-4 weeks later than Hass.

"We will be able to have production with good dry matter in the months where there is the greatest demand and price to meet the necessities of international markets, that is, from March to May," he said.

Planting methods 

Mexican growers have proposed two planting methods, one combining Luna UCR trees with Hass, and the other only with Luna, in both cases the number of trees per hectare exceeds that of Hass since this variety is more intensive and the trees are planted at a meter and a half, generating a higher planting density and therefore higher productivity. 

Who has permission to plant Luna UCR?

Initially, Jaliscavo's partners will have priority access to the first plants of this innovative variety in Mexico, so if you are a farmer and want to plant, you must become a member of this packing plant.

"We have already planted part of the pilot farm, and the first Luna UCR avocados in the country are developing. We invite any grower who would like to see it in person to make an appointment with us, and we will explain its benefits to you," said Pedro Medina, head of Vivero Luna, Jaliscavo's official nursery.

In Mexico, Luna UCR plants will not be available for delivery to interested avocado growers until the spring/summer of next year, so for the time being it is in the reservation period.

The final price of the plant is still unknown, but it will be cheaper than a clonal plant and will be officially released at the 8th Jalisco Avocado Congress organized by APEAJAL and to be held in Ciudad Guzman, August 28-30 of this year, where the variety will be exhibited and there will be an exclusive conference for it.

The company also said that, in addition to the Luna UCR variety, the genetic development program will bring to Mexico other innovative avocado varieties that will be able to cover certain market niches, such as the Gourmet variety, which produces only pitted, elongated, ready-to-eat avocados, even with the skin. 

APEAJAL members witnessing the arrival of the variety in Jalisco, at Viveros Luna.

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