Strong U.S. sales for Chilean lemons, season in full swing

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Strong U.S. sales for Chilean lemons, season in full swing

Chilean lemon exports are going at a steady pace as retail movement has been swift so far this season, according to the Chilean Citrus Committee.

At the moment, 23,148 metric tons (MT) have already been exported to the U.S. market.

Last summer Chile saw record exports, shipping 55,000MT to the U.S.. The Citrus Committee expects similar volumes in 2020 as the season pushes forward.

Retail sales in the U.S. have been "swift", said the Committee, citing recent IRI data that shows particularly strong movement from the beginning of April through the first week of July. Those increases totaled from anywhere between 19% to 49% higher year-on-year.

About halfway through the season currently, consistent volumes will be available through September 2020 with shipments winding down around week 37.

Weather conditions have been favorable for lemons and the Chilean citrus industry in general, detailed president of the Committee Juan Enrique Otúzar.

To boost sales of Chilean lemons, various promotions have been put into action to advertise new ways for consumers to use its citrus fruit. The Chilean Citrus Committee has also partnered with new retailers for digital promotions and geotargeted ads to support sales in select U.S. markets.

Managing Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association Karen Brux spoke about sales strategies for Chilean lemons in a statement Thursday, saying: "Summertime means summer barbecues, and lemons are perfect for grilling!".

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