Chiquita returns to London streets with branded buses

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Chiquita returns to London streets with branded buses

Multinational banana supplier Chiquita says it is returning to the streets of London to promote its key message of fun and healthy living with a visually vibrant campaign.

The campaign will be featured on the UK capital's iconic double-decker buses running through key central transportation routes throughout the city.

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In its sixth year of running the London campaign typically aimed to reach summer tourists, this year Chiquita says it has shifted gears to reinforce its mass appeal to local consumers with a playful theme focused on its bananas’ superior taste.

The two-month campaign will run on the iconic London Buses from September to October and will kick-off with two weeks of supplementary digital support on Cromination’s large-format programmatic displays, situated on the Cromwell Road, Kensington.

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“The double-decker buses are synonymous to being considered London’s national symbol,” said John Cockle, Chiquita’s Sales and Market Director, UK and Ireland. 

"Featuring a bold and impactful yet fun and vibrant campaign in true Chiquita fashion on such an iconic platform, is a perfect combination to bring local residents a dose of fun and excitement in their everyday city lives.”

“Building on the past years’ London bus campaign success, we’re thrilled to return to London’s streets, once again encouraging local consumers to ‘Think Chiquita’ and amplify the banana category positioning to support our growth in the UK."

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Chiquita says it has a long history of bold branding and impactful promotions that has resonated with audiences dating back to 1944 when it introduced the Chiquita jingle.

Throughout the years Chiquita has leveraged strategic partnerships and utilized distinctive marketing platforms such as its iconic Blue Sticker to educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of bananas.

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