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The Top Seven

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Mexican growers get green light to plant new avocado variety

A new avocado variety, which promises to revolutionize the market has arrived in Mexico: the Luna UCR avocado.

The variety, patented by the Spanish company Eurosemillas and the University of California Riverside (UCR), was recognized by  TIME magazine as the best agronomic invention of 2023.

Turkish government cuts all trade with Israel

On May 3, the Ministry of Trade of the Turkish government announced the suspension of all trade with Israel, amid the ongoing conflict in and around the country. 

The restriction suspends all exports from Turkey to Israel as well as all imports of Israeli products into Turkey. 

Higher citrus volumes from Southern Hemisphere expected in the US

Salix Fruits, one of the leading companies in the import and export of fresh fruits, announced the beginning of its Summer Citrus Programme, marking the start of the lemon, mandarin, and orange seasons in the Southern Hemisphere.

The season began in March-April with early mandarins, which will continue until October.

The growth of cranberry producers outside North America

More than three decades ago, entrepreneur Warren Simmons, who had restaurants all along the California coast, offered cranberry juice at his locations, which became a typical cocktail. During that time, there was a drop in the supply of the fruit and, consequently, its price increased.

Brazil suffers crop losses due to heavy floods

Heavy rains strike Southern Brazil leaving many dead, devastated cities, and ruined crops. Rio Grande do Sul, the largest soybean and sixth largest corn state producer in Brazil, has seen the most devastation by the heavy floods and is currently in a state of emergency. 

This is the worst flood to hit the country in more than 80 years, dozens have died and nearly a hundred people are missing and displaced. 

Chiquita’s former Colombia Ops Chief: “People’s lives were at stake”

Former Head of Chiquita Colombia Operations Charles Keiser testified on Thursday before the West Palm Beach Federal court in the ongoing civil trial against the company, Law360 reported. 

The firm is accused of funding the right-wing Colombian paramilitary group United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC).  AUC is linked to the deaths of 10 men during the Colombian civil war, which took place in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Oversupply cuts Florida blueberry season short

The Florida blueberry industry recently wrapped its 2023-24 season, with the Sunshine State posting outstanding quality and volumes. However, a fruit oversupply forced growers to finalize the campaign slightly earlier than anticipated.

Ryan Atwood, owner of independent company H&A Farms, told that they enjoyed “really big yields” because of the healthy amount of chill hours received during the winter. 

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