Morocco's ag exports see good start to 2020-21 -

Morocco's ag exports see good start to 2020-21

Morocco’s Ministry of Agriculture is predicting a successful agricultural export campaign for 2020-2021 despite last year's obstacles, according to Morroco World News (MWN).

Morocco’s agricultural exports recorded a strong performance at the start of this year’s campaign with citrus fruits, particularly clementines, enjoying a favorable performance on international markets, the ministry said.

Clementine exports increased 60 percent for the period from Sep. 1 to Nov. 22, reaching a volume of around 106,600 metric tons (MT)

Peppers and chili pepper exports also showed growth year-on-year from the 2019-2020 campaign, increasing 27 percent to 19,400MT in volume

Another fruit to perform well thus far were raspberries. These exports reached a volume of 6,500MT, recording a growth of 17 percent.

Tomato exports likewise saw an increase albeit a smaller one. The ministry recorded that this export was up by three percent with a volume of 117,400MT.

MWN stated that these indicators show a positive start to Morocco’s agricultural export campaign after last season’s setbacks due to drought and Covid-19.