Mexican avocado exports up through October

Mexican avocado exports up through October

Mexican avocado export volumes were up by five percent year-on-year from January to October of 2020, according to the website Opportimes.

Volumes reached over one million metric tons (MT), according to data cited from the Mexican Secretary of Agriculture. 

The value of exports, however, fell by seven percent for the same  10-month period with amounts registering at about $2.5 billion.

For the entire 2019 year, Mexican avocado exports worldwide amounted to $3.1 billion dollars and 1.3 million MT.

In past years, avocado consumption has risen consistently from 1.1 billion lbs in 2008 to 2.6 billion in 2018, representing an annual increase of nine percent, spurred on my consumption increases per capita.

Hass avocados are particularly popular, dominating the market and representing approximately 95% of the avocados consumed in the United States and 80% worldwide, as Opportimes reports Avocados from Mexico to have said.

The U.S. Hass avocado industry, in particular, had a value of $6.5 billion in 2019, according to data from the USDA.

The Hass Avocado Board said that, in 2017, nearly half of U.S. households bought avocados. However, most of the avocados sold in the US are imported from other countries. In 2018,  for example, 76 percent of the country’s total consumption was imported from Mexico

The total export amount of Mexican avocados bound for the United States in 2019 tallied to approximately $2.4 million and 990,000MT

The retail price for these avocados can fluctuate from year to year. Mission Produce was cited as attributing this to factors such as weather conditions, growth conditions, government regulations, and potential issues with supply chains, among others.