AgroGenius and its good news for the fruit industry in Chile and the Americas

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AgroGenius and its good news for the fruit industry in Chile and the Americas

By AgroGenius

Baxlo instruments arrived in Chile this year, having previously arrived three years ago to the U.S. through AgroGenius, the exclusive representative of the precision technology for fruit growers throughout Latin America and North America.

The Baxlo-AgroGenius durometers- and particularly the models for blueberries, grapes and cherries - have managed to successfully position themselves in the national and international industry, determining the firmness of fruit, an aspect that has become more and more important every year in the market.

Within the blueberry industry, we know, after many seasons and attempts to use instruments designed for other fruits, that the industry has tried unsuccessfully to find a solution to determine the firmness of the fruit.

The industry also tried to standardize the criteria of the operators, quality controls and vendors; none had real success.

Today, thanks to the  Baxlo-AgroGenius Durometer, the fruit industry has an easy-to-use, accurate, reliable and non-destructive tool. One of the durometer’s greatest attributes is its versatility as it operates, without rivals, in each of the agricultural sectors.

Its benefits include helping to:

  • make the “harvest time” decision
  • determine which fruit should be processed and packed
  • decide which will be the destination market
  • determine the quality of reception upon arrival
  • approve its final sale

These reasons show that the Baxlo-AgroGenius Durometers have become the quintessential tool for making quality decisions for blueberries, grapes and cherries.

Our clients are producers, exporters, importers, quality controllers and supermarkets of every scale, all of them trust in the readings of our durometers.

Baxlo is a Spanish company with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of precision equipment. Currently, AgroGenius and Baxlo are developing new models that will have additional applied technology, delivering faster and more computer-compatible readings, making them more user-friendly and affordable for all people involved in the production and sale of fruits.

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