Texas: Leafy greens to "bear the brunt of cold weather"

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Texas: Leafy greens to

As below-freezing temperatures cover much of the U.S., Texas is seeing cold weather which may have a harmful effect on the produce.

"It will be a week or so before growers can better determine the extent of the damages," Dante Galeazzi, CEO and President of the Texas International Produce Association told FreshFruitPortal.com.

"However, some items such as onions and cabbage should be able to survive the colder temperatures, but other produce such as tender leafy greens like kale, cilantro and celery will bear the brunt of the worst effects of the cold weather."

According to Galeazzi, Texas is dealing with long periods of time where temperatures have been below freezing for up to four days in a row in some areas.

"People are already saying this is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre for Texas produce," he said.

"Yesterday morning, the McAllen area woke up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit and the Uvalde area was sitting in several inches of snow."

Thursday night is reported to be the last night of freezing temperatures before the storm system blows through.

"After that, all we can do is wait and see," Galeazzi said.

Texas has seen a winter storm of rain and snow, creating power failures in freezing temperatures, making conditions very dangerous across the state.

According to The New York Times, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said on Monday that the state has deployed "maximum resources" to respond to the severe weather and to restore power to communities.

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