Peruvian blueberry exports increased during 2020-21 season

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Peruvian blueberry exports increased during 2020-21 season

Peruvian blueberry exports rose by 35 percent in the 2020-21 season to 159,000 metric tons (MT), local media reports.

Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, President of the consulting firm Inform@cción, cited by Aagraria, said that last season from June to February some 118,000MT of exports were recorded.

This season the main destinations for fresh blueberries were the U.S. with 80 million kilos, the Netherlands with 40 million kilos, China had 9.2 million kilos, the UK 10 million kilos, and Hong Kong at 5.8 million kilos.

The main exporting companies of fresh blueberries in the 2020-21 season were Camposol with 22.9 million kilos, Hortifrut Peru had 22.7 million kilos, Hortifrut TAL SAC with a little over 4.4 kilos, Agrovisión Peru at 11.3 million kilos and Complejo Agroindustrial Beta with 10.5 million kilos.

Of the almost 14,000 ha that Peru has cultivated for fresh blueberries, varieties by surface area begin with Biloxi at 5,300 ha, Ventura with 4,700 ha, Rocío follows at 860 ha, then Emerald with 783 ha and Atlasblue with 244 ha among others.

Regarding the varieties per company in 2020: Camposol had 2,500 hectares, Hortifrut Peru 1,000 ha, Agrovisión Peru at 1,000 ha and Complejo Agroindustrial Beta had 866 ha.

Cillóniz estimated that in March at the end of this season, Peru would reach US$1 billion, while in the 2019-20 season, shipments totaled US$800 million.

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