Mexican mangos set sails for Oceania and the Middle East

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Mexican mangos set sails for Oceania and the Middle East

The Mexican mango industry continues to bet on trade diversification as an expansion strategy.

José Ángel Crespo, president of the Mexican Mango Exporters Association (EMEX), says the Middle East and Oceania markets are very attractive commercially.

"Our objective is to develop them further, position ourselves better in them, and develop good distribution channels," he said.

He added that both markets are good alternatives because they pay a good price and "we know that they expect better quality and good presentation."

While 90% of Mexican mango volume is destined for the United States, Crespo said it is important to increase volumes to markets such as Europe and Asia, including countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.


Regarding the European market, the president of EMEX said that air shipments of mangos have increased, while maritime shipments have decreased.

"I personally believe in the experience we have in the European market, even though volumes have decreased due to problems with arrivals. Perhaps because transit is too long and the fruit has not holding properly, we are seeing issues upon arrival and that causes problems for marketing and in returns to the producer, "he explained.

This article was prepared with information provided by Francisco Seva Rivadulla, international agri-food journalist.

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