Morocco Berry Conference 2021 will be online in April -

Morocco Berry Conference 2021 will be online in April


Adapting to the new reality, the 2nd Edition of the Morocco Berry Conference 2021 will run online as no other options are given with the pandemic that is still controlling the normality of the presential events worldwide.

This year, conference will last 2 days, 7 & 8 April. The conference team will be using the latest virtual event technology in order to provide conference sessions, virtual exhibition B to B and networking solutions.

In the virtual exposition area, participants will be able to visit companies’ booths, see their offer, interact with their representative and download documents. The platform offers also B to B tools for a greater interaction between sponsors, exhibitors and attendees.

The conference will gather berry professionals from all over the world. The Morocco Berry Conference will offer the great place of knowledge and networking.

The subjects we will approach are: fruit quality, substrate grown blueberries, irrigation design, improved varieties, conversion from soil to soilless in strawberry cultivation, pruning of blackberries and blueberries, crop protection, trellising, water situation, post-harvest, as well as market situation.

Our main speakers are

Bernadine Strik – USA

Sebastian Ochoa – Chile

Jefferey Williamson – USA

Pieter Zietsman – South Africa

Cindy.Van.Rijswick – The Netherlands

Manuel Madrid – Spain

Daniela Segantini – Italy

Angel Rebollar -Mexico

Abdelhadi Zougui - Morocco

Michael Gangi – Australia

Miguel Ahumada – Mexico

Marina Gomez – The Netherlands

Reason to participate:

  • Get a concrete idea on the technical progress in the field of berry crops.
  • Gather information about all that is new in the berry branch.
  • Interact with High quality partners in the berry world.

It will bring together interesting people to share ideas about the soft fruit business in Morocco, Africa, Middle East and from all over the world 

Here is an overview of the program:

Day 1

Session 1:Situation of the berry industry and future perspectives (panel)

Session 2: Healthy perspectives for the global berry market

Session 3 : Water situation in Morocco & Egypt (panel)

Session 4: How to build a substrate grown Blueberry farm / The best features for success

Session 5 : Pruning of Southern highbush Blueberries tips for growers

Session 6 : Breeding and choosing varieties for blueberry crop in different chill zones in Morocco and beyond

Session 7 : Blueberry physiology – key things to know to maximize plant growth and yield of southern highbush in soil

& substrate

Session 8 : Trellising for raspberry fruit production, its effect on quality

Session 9 : Fruit Quality Trends

Day 2

Session 1: Key Principles in Transitioning from Soil to Substrate in Strawberry Production. Is this the only future?

Session 2 : Postharvest technology of berries: what are the biggest mistakes and how to avoid them?

Session 3 : Future improved varieties in Raspberries

Session 4 : Designing irrigation for a blueberry farm

Session 5: Pruning and training systems for primocane-fruiting blackberries

Session 6 : Strawberry variety update (most interesting varieties at the moment what is the future)

Session 7: Main fungi and oomycete diseases for the raspberry, strawberry and blueberry crops

For more information, register at the website.