SA\VE Insurance Brokers: Decades of advising on perishable risks in South America

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SA\VE Insurance Brokers: Decades of advising on perishable risks in South America

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SA\VE is an international insurance broker, specialized in transportation insurance. With decades of experience, both the owners and the employees provide competent and specialized services, not only in Europe but throughout the world.

Our relationships with major international insurers allow us to offer tailored insurance solutions, covering the risks of international transportation.

Importer or exporter, producer or shipper, broker or final consumer: your coverage will be tailored to your needs in order to protect your business. German law additionally guarantees the reliability of insurers. Thus SA\VE guarantees the reliability of your policy.

The coverages that we offer are based on “All Risk” policies where we include specific clauses for perishable products, such as:

  • The Refrigeration Clause: Offers specific coverage for damages caused by temperature fluctuations, negligence, or incorrect setting of the refrigeration equipment. It includes for products that need atmospheric control in the case that malfunctions damage the products.
  • The Cold Treatment Clause: It is a specific coverage when a rejection occurs due to a failure in cold treatment at destination such as the United States or Asian countries. It covers the physical damage to the merchandise and the financial loss that is caused by being released the day after it should have been released or if it had to be sold in a country other than originally planned in which cold treatment is not required. It is worth mentioning that this risk is not covered in the local market.
  • The Warehouse-to-Warehouse Delay Clause: It is essential when dealing with long international voyages since if the cargo suffers physical damage due to not arriving on time, the policy would cover the economic loss that this damage would generate.
  • The Market Loss Clause: Covers the financial loss caused by the loss of a major commercial sale, such as the Chinese New Year, due to delay even if there is no physical damage to the cargo. If the market price falls more than 30%, the policy will cover the economic loss that this generates. This coverage is also not offered in the local market of Latin American countries.
  • At the end of the insured year based on the final accident statistics (Insurance Payments versus Paid Insurance), if this accident rate is less than the goal set by the insurers, our clients would have a refund of part of the premium paid as a premium for the good results.

Sixteen years ago we began an adventure in the Chilean market, where we distinguished our presence with a personalized service, adjusted to the needs of our clients with our own offices and representatives, offering them a coverage made to measure according to their commercialized products at the global level.

We also advise from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and several other Latin American countries with the same professionalism, being a leading company in those markets as well.

This year, 2021, is an exceptional year for us as we have finished a decade advising Peruvian agro-exporters. We started with a client and less than 50 containers and to date, we have advised more than 100 companies, continuing as leaders in this market as of today, where more than 50 million boxes are covered in more than twenty thousand containers per year.

We insure your business with insurance solutions tailored for international trade and protect your interests during the claims process.

In addition to managing the policies of our clients, we take care of the Recovery Actions, since during the notification of a claim we ensure that their interests and rights are protected. Through recovery actions against carriers/shipping companies, we reduce your accident rate, protecting your interests as always. We also deal with Loss Prevention, through the issuance of detailed analysis we can determine which claims are recurring and which similar cases can be eliminated. SA\VE provides this service to all its clients, thus eliminating high external consulting costs.

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