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Oppy partners with Apeel for Eco Farms avocados

Oppy partners with Apeel for Eco Farms avocados

Oppy is now using Apeel’s plant-based solution to extend the shelf-life of its Eco Farms avocados grown in Mexico.

Having acquired a 65 percent stake of Eco Farms in spring 2020, Oppy is looking to add more value to its strategic avocado partnership with Apeel's sustainable 'peel' coating.

The edible peel keeps moisture in and oxygen out, maintaining freshness and extending peak ripeness.

“We are thrilled to team up with Apeel,” Oppy’s Director of Sales and Strategy for Eco Farms Mark Smith said. "It was a natural fit for our partnership with Eco Farms."

"The brand’s Green is Good positioning and Apeel’s driving force of Food Gone Good highlights our shared commitment of delivering high-quality fruit using sustainable practices.”

“Many of our retailers share those same values too and will be able to capitalize on avocados that maintain ideal firmness longer, see less shrink and build larger displays with ripe, ready-to-eat fruit," Eco Farms Sales Director Gahl Crane said.

Noting that food waste was a major concern, Eco Farms and Oppy were excited to be involved with an initiative like Apeel which helps address it while building a stronger avocado category together with retail partners, Crane said.

“We are excited to partner with Oppy to extend the shelf-life of Eco Farms avocados through our plant-based protection that has proven to maintain quality and ripeness for twice as long as untreated produce,” Erich Klawuhn, SVP of Product, Apeel said.

“Our collaboration with sustainability-focused grower-marketers like Oppy has resulted in a massive reduction of food waste across the supply chain."

The company looks forward to extending all the benefits of Apeel produce to retailers throughout Oppy’s network, ultimately reducing waste right down to consumer households, the release stated.

Oppy’s Apeel program will commence with Mexican grown Eco Farms branded avocados, with the intention of extending into other countries of origin soon.

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