TROPS and Ruchey sign agreement to promote avocados in Spain

TROPS and Ruchey sign agreement to promote avocados in Spain

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TROPS and Ruchey sign agreement to promote avocados in Spain

Leading Spanish avocado company TROPS and Ruchey have signed an agreement to collaborate in avocado production and marketing in the country.

Avocados will now be able to expand further into the Valencian community, given the company's offerings to growers in terms of profitability, safety, transparency and their future.

TROPS is able to offer these assurances to growers "thanks to the investments that have been made for years in research on cultivation techniques, process improvement and efficiency, and investments in marketing".

The company already signed a similar agreement this year with the UNICA 2nd grade Cooperative.

This new alliance with the Agricultural Cooperative of Callosa d'en Sarrià will allow the company to continue on its path of consolidation as avocado and mango growers.

President José Lorca, together with the president of Ruchey, Salvador Solbes, have welcomed the union of both brands.

Their products “will allow us to take a step forward to continue defending the production of our partners in the increasingly difficult and competitive markets", Lorca said.

TROPS has centers in the Portuguese Algarve, three in Malaga, three in Granada, and now it will be able to offer its services in the Valencian community.

The Callosa d'en Sarrià Agricultural Cooperative has more than 1,200 growers and the medlar trees are mainly grown on partners' plots, which are marketed under the Ruchey brand.

This company makes up more than 50 percent of the national production of medlars, and its growers have opted for the cultivation of avocado as an alternative to citrus.

Currently, this cooperative is the largest avocado producer in the Valencian community.

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