Broom Frio Holding: Customized logistics solutions

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Broom Frio Holding: Customized logistics solutions

By Broom Group

"A tailored suit" ... is the phrase that best represents the services that Broom Frio Holding offers in its facilities.

Broom Frio Holding is a company dedicated to providing services related to the activity of cold storage, packing and warehousing for fruit. It has plants in Ovalle (Chile), Morropé (Peru) and Ridderkerk (Holland).

BFH is part of Broom Group and its development area Broom Logistics, which through its different companies and wide coverage provides comprehensive services throughout the logistics chain, both nationally and internationally.

In its first plant, located in Ovalle (Chile), there are packing services, which are executed through two Sorma machines with 6 lanes each.

The above allows a productive ratio with an excellent performance that accommodates all stakeholders given the hours of operation and constant accessibility, allowing you to view your processes and access information online.

In addition, they have 10 storage chambers and 11 California pre-cold ones, which allows 440 pallets to be cooled every 12 hours.

Another initiative that they have developed, in conjunction with other company of the business unit, is to develop pollution-free warehouses.

The warehouses help the safety of the packaging materials, which is materialized through positive pressure warehouses that prevent vectors and dust from entering the stored materials (

In addition to all of the above, the transportation business units ( and agency ( are added, which allows them to provide a comprehensive service to their clients or to deliver the partiality of the services that they may request, "a tailored suit".


On the other hand, almost 30 km from the new lands created by the Olmos Irrigation Project, located at the foot of the North Pan-American Highway (km 808.5) is the new Broom project: Broom Frío Holding Mórrope (BFH Mórrope).

Located on a 10-hectare site, Broom Group opted to invest in infrastructure to help improve the cold chain of fresh fruit exported from the north of Peru through modern technology, efficient processes, and product traceability.

This land will not only allow the develop of direct infrastructure, but it will also have the doors open to work hand in hand with other strategic suppliers of agro-exports, seeking to create a logistics center with easy access to the fruit-growing areas of northern Peru.

After 1 year of construction, in October 2021 BFH Mórrope will open the doors of phase # 1 of its first cold storage in Peru, with a total area of ​​4,000m2; enough to cool 320 pallets of grapes or 640 pallets of avocado, with 4 chambers enabled for 2,100 pallets.

The growth of the cold operation is based on a Master Plan, where the second and third phases will generate additional capacity to store 4,200 pallets.

Likewise, by 2023 the company plans to invest in a packaging line for avocados and mangoes, with the capacity to process 24TM / hour and spaces will be enabled for a second and third phase that, as demand for services grows, will supply 72TM / hour.

This implies that about 50 jobs will be generated by October of this year and the project, at its maximum scale, will hire about 400 people in high season.

The design of the plant goes hand in hand with the shape of the land, with the aim of achieving an efficient flow of the fruit, increasing the productivity of the plant and the people. Also, tunnel and chamber cooling systems work with Glycol, unlike ammonia that is widely used in Peru. This differentiates the processes of BFH Mórrope since it is possible to drastically reduce the dehydration of the fruit during cooling and storage.


In the Netherlands, Broom Group consolidates its presence with a strategy based on the growing demand for storage and additional services to the fruit, generating value for its customers with services that complement each other, facilitating processes.

For this, Broom has companies specialized in the handling and transport of perishables, among them is Broom Frio Ridderkerk, B&L, LCL and PLS, that provides logistics services to the fruit and can be hired individually or together.

Broom Frio Ridderkerk is located next to the port road that connects to the rest of Europe and has a capacity for 2,700 pallets, a large unloading floor and 14 chambers for different temperature configurations. It offers warehousing, stop & go, cross-docking, repackaging, order preparation services, among others.

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