South African easy peelers in peak U.S. arrivals, with Midknight Valencias coming soon after -

South African easy peelers in peak U.S. arrivals, with Midknight Valencias coming soon after

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South African easy peelers in peak U.S. arrivals, with Midknight Valencias coming soon after

By Summer Citrus from South Africa

Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) - an industry collaboration that consolidates the marketing, logistics and sales efforts of the country's growers in the U.S. market - has announced that its easy peelers are at the peak of their season and ready for booking right now for U.S. retailers to have on their shelves.

Watch this short video for an update on this popular product and connect with an SCSA importer to secure product for your store!

The easy peeler category is showing the growth needed for the demand of the market, and SCSA says it will not disappoint.

"We are now in our peak arrival weeks of the later Mandarin varieties, and as indicated product is looking really good," says Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa.

"Over the next 2-3 weeks, the last of the Navels will arrive and shortly afterwards the Midknights. This product will for sure live up to expectations and quality is looking really good."

To learn more about South African citrus and reasons why SCSA provides a premium product, click here.

"We will soon be finished packing fruit and the season will end strong! In terms of arrivals, we are almost 70% through the shipping season," Conradie says. "As always, we are grateful for your involvement with us and look forward to serving you through the end of October with our fine summer fruit."

Growing & Shipping the World's Finest Summer Citrus

Justifying a statement like the one above requires a strong supply-chain with a commitment to excellence in order to make such a claim.

With our group, there is no room for anything other than to be the “best of the best" and we back it up with these truths:

  • We grow a premium product and this is made possible by a group of growers that work together for the greater good of everyone involved!
  • Our supply-chain is sophisticated operating with a well developed plan. It is important for the plan be to nimble and flexible pre-season, as the pace of our work moves faster and faster as the season gets closer.
  • Serving the world’s most demanding market requires the support of all bilateral groups working in unison, both in South Africa and the US.
  • Our long-term partners and service providers appreciate the challenges associated with executing a sophisticated import program. Reliability is measured based on how performance is achieved during the good times and the more challenging times as well.
  • We take care to inform everyone involved in the program in a timely manner about the status of production, the shipping program and the marketing efforts that drive demand.
  • We have loyal importers and retail partners that have helped us build this program successfully.
  • We are resilient in the wake of mother nature, the pandemic and other barriers that we face on a yearly basis.
  • We have an established community of consumers that seek out SCSA and ask for it by name!
  • Our model is used as an example globally as one to emulate, which is the ultimate compliment.

As a result, we continue to provide the world's finest summer fruit.

For more information, please contact Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus from South Africa, at or visit

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