Walmart announces biggest-ever distribution center for groceries -

Walmart announces biggest-ever distribution center for groceries

Walmart announces biggest-ever distribution center for groceries

Walmart has announced plans to build what will be its largest-ever distribution center for groceries.

The 720,000+ square-foot facility for fresh and frozen groceries in South Carolina's Spartanburg County is set to open in 2024. Walmart says it will move double the amount of product than a traditional DC in addition to presenting new technology-focused job opportunities in the region.

“Walmart’s high-tech grocery distribution center will include game-changing innovations that are radically disrupting the supply chain, getting products onto shelves for our customers even faster, while saving time for our associates,” said David Guggina, senior vice president, automation and innovation at Walmart U.S.

“We’re proud to be opening Walmart’s largest automated grocery distribution center in Spartanburg County and look forward to bringing new STEM job opportunities to the region.”

The high-tech distribution center is part of a larger investment the retailer announced earlier this year to double down on the use of automation technology in its supply chain.

The retailer announced its first automated grocery distribution center in 2018 and has since added new innovative solutions that reduce handling costs and improve service to stores and customers.

Today’s news comes just months after the retailer announced its plans to add automation in more than half of its regional distribution centers and market fulfillment centers in select stores. The retailer has also made investments in drones and autonomous vehicles to support last-mile deliveries.

“We’re thrilled to bring our high-tech grocery distribution center to the thriving logistics hub of Spartanburg County,” said Tim Cooper, senior vice president, supply chain operations at Walmart U.S.

“The new distribution center will be critical to ensuring our stores are stocked with the freshest grocery items to provide convenience and quality at everyday low prices to customers and communities in the state of South Carolina.”

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