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QIMA/WQS launches direct operations in Chile

QIMA/WQS launches direct operations in Chile


QIMA/WQS focuses on food safety, quality and sustainability for different types of consumers within the industry around the world, fulfilling the highest quality from farm to transportation and retail. Food safety comes first!

With the goal of continuing to contribute to improving the quality and competitiveness of companies in Latin America, QIMA/WQS has assembled a team of experts in Chile with specialized auditors that have proven experience and are available for certification processes. Its technical and operational team is available to answer questions and help navigate the complex certification process.

QIMA/WQS works with more than 20,000 companies throughout the food supply chain. Accredited by globally recognized systems, by the GFSI, government entities and additionally accepted by the main buyers and retailers in the market.

Today at QIMA there are more than 9,000 satisfied clients, over 20,000 successful audits, they are present and operational in more than 20 countries and have around 200 professional auditors and experts in the industry.

The company's auditors are specialized in the food and agricultural sector, with a structure designed to facilitate and streamline the required certification processes and offer support in each step of the way.

To ensure the food chain and suppliers, QIMA/WQS has Costco and FSMA audits which can be provided at full scale, according to specific needs.

The main objective of QIMA/WQS is to offer solutions that guarantee safety and quality in the food industry, in any and all phases of the supply chain.

International recognition

The fruit and vegetable sector in Chile is internationally recognized. Chile is one of the main fruit producing and exporting countries in the Southern Hemishpere, a leader in the export of cherries, grapes, blueberries and walnuts in the fresh fruit and nuts sector.

Additionally, Chile is considered a world-class supplier for its reliability and compliance with food safety based on international regulations.

The challenge requires the support of a specialized company capable of certifying the origin, quality and compliance with good manufacturing practices of the products offered for sale, guaranteeing the effective management of the supply chain.

The processes carried out to obtain the certifications are rigid and complete. One of the principles of food safety is to avoid contamination that may harm consumers' health.

This is avoided through the application of protocols, for example: good manufacturing practices, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and the food safety and quality management system (BRCGS, GLOBAL.AP, IFS), specific for each safety management system, specific for each link in the production chain.

Currently, the set of certifications provided by QIMA/WQS covers a range of solutions, such as GFSI protocols, food safety, supplier management, sustainable protocols, ethical audits, quality seals, inspections and training.

This is the work developed by QIMA/WQS, a company that has expanded the range of solutions offered in food saftey.

The objective of QIMA/WQS goes further, offering solutions for the product quality, since its mission is to provide the food industry with certifications, audits, inspections and training, demonstrating its commitment to food safety.

"Offering this service directly in Chile will be a great opportunity to provide our local clients with comprehensive solutions from inspection to certification and thus provide a reliable service that ensures food at our table," Alejandra Pezo, Development Manager of Business said.

Contact us at alejandra.pezo@qima.com.

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