Mexican table grape forecast released for 2021-22

Mexican table grape forecast released for 2021-22

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Mexican table grape forecast released for 2021-22

Mexican table grape production and exports are forecast to fall in the 2021-22 marketing year, according to a USDA report.

The production forecast is 352,332 metric tons (MT), seven–percent lower than 2020-21, due to bad weather and rain shortages mainly in Sonora and Baja California.

National yields are expected to be 16 tons per ha. Sonora State is by far the largest producer in Mexico and is estimated to have a crop made up of 45 percent white seedless varieties, followed by red seedless varieties at 40 percent, black seedless varieties at 5 percent, and the rest as specialty varieties such as Cotton Candy.

Small quantities of organic grapes are produced in Guaymas, Sonora. Sonora yields are estimated at 17 tons per ha.

Harvest in Sonora begins in May and usually ends in July, while in Baja California and other states, harvesting takes place from June to August.

The 2021-22 Mexican table grape export forecast is 201,470MT, lower than MY 2020/21 as most remained in Mexico for domestic consumption. Most of Mexico's table grape exports go to the United States

Mexico's imports are forecast at 105,201 MT, seven percent higher than MY 2020/21. While Mexico can produce sufficient volumes to meet domestic demand, consumers prefer a broader selection of varieties from the United States and Chile.

U.S. suppliers export to Mexico from August to December and from January to February before and after the Mexican season. Chile usually exports from January to April. Importers report good weather in California causing table grape imports into Mexico during 2021/22 to arrive early, plentifully, and at affordable prices.

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