AirBattery: A new way to store renewable energy -

AirBattery: A new way to store renewable energy

AirBattery: A new way to store renewable energy

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Renewable energy from solar and wind systems cannot be stored without additional cost, which is a major obstacle in the world's efforts to move away from polluting fuels and avoid a climate catastrophe.

But in Kibbutz Yahel, a small community not far from the Red Sea where a sweet variety of dates called Medjool is grown, residents have started using a new technology that can cheaply store solar energy and produce energy well into the night.

During the day, excess energy from solar panels powers a system in which water is used to condense the air in underground tanks. At dusk, that air is released to power a turbine and generate electricity. And the cycle repeats itself in the morning.

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The system has been developed by Augwind Energy, an Israeli company.

Unlike above-ground platforms, which run on compressed air and require considerable space, the company claims that its product, a relatively thin steel tank with a special polymer coating, can be placed right at the power source and at a lower cost.

Augwind's AirBattery is 80% efficient in storing energy, slightly less than lithium batteries , but unlike lithium it does not degrade over time.

Augwind's CEO, Or Yogev, says the price is on par with lithium-ion batteries, roughly $250 per kilowatt hour, and will drop to less than $200 as they reach more customers.

In the next few years they will have thousands of megawatt hours installed with AirBattery technology, according to Yogev.

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