Apple stocks: Mixed picture for European and U.S. markets

Mixed picture for European and U.S. apple stocks in December

Mixed picture for European and U.S. apple stocks in December

A new report has shown a mixed picture for pear and apple stocks in December in the European and U.S. markets.

The figures released by the World Apple and Pear Association show that in Europe apple stocks increased by 6.8% compared to 2020 to reach 4.9 million metric tons (MT), which reflects the 11% increase in the crop.

On the other hand, pear stocks stood at 656,000MT on Dec. 1 2021, 27% below the volume of 2020, mostly because of the large decrease in Italy. In Europe, the final pear
crop is 26% lower than a year ago.

In the U.S., apple stocks as of Dec. 1 2021 stood at 1.9 million MT, down 2.6% compared to 2020. This level is reflecting the lower crop in Washington States this year, which stands at just below 3 million MT, 4% less than last year. 

Pears stocks in the USA stand at 224,000MT, which is 22% above last year. 

At this time last year, the situation with apple stocks was the reserve for the U.S. and Europe, with inventories higher year-on-year in the former and lower in the latter.

WAPA will release the stocks level from the Jan. 1 2022 at the beginning of February.

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