SanLucar applies ripening solution as part of new “banana concept”

SanLucar applies ripening solution as part of new “banana concept”

SanLucar applies ripening solution as part of new “banana concept”

European fruit marketer SanLucar has turned to technology from Germany ripening specialist vanWylick to apply a new ripening solution to its banana crops grown in Ecuador. 

According to a press release, SanLucar has deployed an intelligent software control which enables dynamic calculations and adjustments of optimal ripensing settings. This system controls all natural air and respiration gasses involved in the ripening process.

This ripening solution uses a gas-tight, closed chamber which monitors the respiratory activity and physiological condition of the fruit, and optimizes settings for a harmonious interaction of oxygen, heat, humidity, and ethylene, while maintaining the CO2 level.

The company said that this innovation will complement the already rich growing conditions in the central coastal region of Ecuador. The temperature and rainfall conditions facilitate greater quality and a sustainable growing process, as fertilizers and pesticides are used only as a last resort.

“With our green products from Ecuador and the new sustainable and careful ripening technique, SanLucar launches a new premium banana. The aim is to convince our customers with quality, appearance, taste, shelf life and a real premium banana during the 12 months of the year”, states Armin Rehberg, SanLucar CEO Operations.

In the store, SanLucar is accompanying the sale and presentation of the bananas with secondary placements, as well as promotional actions and materials. The first SanLucar bananas with the new careful and sustainable ripening technology can be expected from the beginning of March.

SanLucar has focused much of its marketing and operational efforts on sustainable initiatives, for which it has received a variety of awards and recognition.

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