Interko unveils containerised ripening room -

Interko unveils containerised ripening room

Interko unveils containerised ripening room

Ripening technology manufacturer Inerko has fully branded and launched its new mobile ripening room, which occupies a standard insulated reefer container, called Mobilo. 

The company unveiled the new brand and solution at the Fruit Logistica 2022 trade show, and said in a statement that it developed and tested the solution in partnership with Fyffes. The containerised ripening room can ripen up to 20 pallets of bananas, avocados, mangoes and other fruits.

“The branding highlights the room’s mobility and aligns our new offering with Interko’s other well-known, innovative brands. Interko is a pioneer in the field of containerised ripening rooms. Until now, this type of room has never been proven as an effective solution, which makes our tried-and-tested bespoke mechanical design a world first,” said Interko Managing Director/Partner Chris Maat.

The company says the solution gives fruit growers, distributors and marketers the option of ripening fruit either at the source or the destination using a fully mobile, transportable solution. 

The containerised ripening room also comes pre-fitted with the latest technology, including a ripening control system. This sensor based program allows the operator greater flexibility and responsiveness to perfect their fruit’s ripening cycles. 

The company first unveiled the technology in 2021 after five years of testing, and has been mulling a container based ripening room solution since 1999.

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