Passion fruit is named flavor of the year for 2022

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Passion fruit is named flavor of the year for 2022

Passion fruit has been named flavor of the year for 2022 by Food and Beverage flavor house Monin, causing excitement for producers.

“We love to share our passion for our products, but it’s even more exciting when we see that the mainstream food industry has fallen in love too,” shared Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing for Frieda’s Branded Produce.

Considered to be the largest berry of all berry-producing plants and an excellent communicator of ripeness, the passion fruit's thick purple skin wrinkles when ripe. Under its expressive exterior are small, black, crunchy, edible seeds surrounded by a brightly colored pulp with a sweet and tart tropical flavor.

“Starbucks' addition of their Pineapple Passionfruit to their summer Refreshers menu will introduce consumers to the vibrant flavor of this powerful berry,” she added.

Traditionally used to make juices, passion fruit is this summer’s most versatile tropical flavor, elevating drinks, dressing up proteins and adding a burst of flavor to salads, grain bowls and smoothies. Like most tropical fruits, passion fruit shies away from cold climates, making it a powerful end-cap product for attention grabbing sales.

Cross-promotionally, this fruit loves to be featured outside of the produce department with cocktail mixers and spirits, but also presents well within the produce department for consumers who simply want to enjoy the pulp with a spoon.

Passion fruit comes in many varieties. Frieda’s has tried them all and is most excited about the Florida grown Thailong variety, known to keep fresh longer, delivering a tasteful balance of tart and tropical flavors.

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