Updated trends and movements for the global avocado market

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Updated trends and movements for the global avocado market

A Rabobank report states that avocado production and exports are expanding, with Mexico, Peru, and Colombia expected to become the largest exporters by 2026.

Latin America remains dominant in exports, but global diversification is underway. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to lead in imports, relying heavily on Mexico.

Conversely, Europe’s avocado consumption varies by nation, and Asian and Latin American markets show growth potential with the industry expected to consolidate, especially in South America.

Production and exports are poised to expand, with varying growth rates across different production regions, and while Latin America will continue to dominate the avocado export market, production and exports will diversify globally.

"To remain profitable, industry players must innovate in response to increasingly competitive markets and supply-side challenges," the report stated.

Additionally, the US will continue to be the largest avocado importer and will increasingly rely on imports. However, Mexico is well-positioned to meet over 90% of US import needs. 

Regarding varieties, the report indicates that while Hass avocados will continue to dominate, Hass-like varieties with higher yield potential and improved efficiencies are expected to gradually gain adoption in the coming years.

The industry landscape remains fragmented in some countries, with increasing competition and margin pressures expected to drive consolidation, particularly in specific regions of South America.

The full report is available exclusively to Rabobank clients and can be accessed in the following link

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