Naturipe expects volume increases for Mighty Blues blueberries

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Naturipe expects volume increases for Mighty Blues blueberries

With National Blueberry Month in full swing, Naturipe is expecting to see an increase in promotable volumes of their jumbo blueberries, Mighty Blues, from Michigan, the Pacific Northwest and Peru.

Naturipe, who was the first company to bring these blueberries to the market, is expecting significant increases in the Mighty Blues label throughout this summer, from Michigan, and the Pacific Northwest in July and August, then from Peru in late summer and right through the end of the year.

The significant increase in volume is due to increase from new proprietary varieties that have superior size, firmness and flavor.

“Our Mighty Blues are bursting with flavor and shoppers will be clamoring to fill up on these healthy berries. We look forward to strong availability,” said Jim Roberts, President of Sales at Naturipe.

The quality of these blueberries is strong, their taste is juicy-sweet and their typical size is 2 times larger than an average blueberry, making them the perfect snack to satisfy shoppers’ this summer.

“We’re proud of these delicious berries that are not just big in size but also big with consumers,” added Roberts.

Growers hand pick only the largest blueberries from the Mighty Blues pack for retail, so store shelves are guaranteed to have jumbo berries in every package.

Mighty Blues will be available in a 9.8 oz clamshell and will be priced higher due to the size of the berries and the extra work that goes into harvesting them.

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