Honeybear Brands makes progress toward reaching sustainability goals

Honeybear Brands makes progress toward reaching sustainability goals

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Honeybear Brands makes progress toward reaching sustainability goals

Honeybear Brands recently published its 2021 sustainability report, showcasing its progress toward identified goals in year two. Positive strides toward all markers were achieved and the company is on pace to reach its goals.  

“As a company we have been addressing sustainability for more than a decade, but we recognized the need for a bolder and more comprehensive step cementing our standing as industry leaders and encouraging others to set and achieve their own goals,” says Don Roper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honeybear Brands.

“We established goals addressing the biggest challenges in the industry, including pollinator health, packaging, food loss and climate,” he added.

A few highlights of the 2021 success include:


In 2021, Honeybear Brands sourced 91 percent of its facility energy from renewable sources, putting the company well on its way to meet its 100 percent goal by 2025.

Although apples have the second lowest climate impact of all food and livestock production, the lifecycle of an apple goes beyond the orchard with emissions generated through packing, storage and distribution.

Pollinator Health

Honeybear Brands is 32 percent on its way to the goal of establishing 50 acres of pollinator habitats with a total of 16.25 acres, or 12.3 football fields, planted. 

In recent years, parasites, pesticides, climate change and habitat destruction have led to the steep decline of pollinator populations. These pollinators are crucial to the apple industry and are responsible for one out of every three bites of food. Establishing habitats is one of the best options to support these pollinators and helps them thrive naturally.

To learn more about the Honeybear Brands sustainability mission and read the company’s full sustainability report, please click here.

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