Chilean clementine season ends with exports down 39%

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Chilean clementine season ends with exports down 39%

As the clementine citrus comes to an end, the United States continues to be the main market for Chilean clementines, accounting for 98.6 percent of total shipments, according to a statement from ASOEX’s Citrus Committee. 

At week 32, the 2022 Chilean clementine season ended with a total of 41,832 tons, 39 percent down year-on-year.  

The President of the Citrus Committee, Juan Enrique Ortúzar pointed out that this year, drought deeply affected the region of Coquimbo, which was reflected in the huge drop in clementine exports: 

“The main problem has been drought, especially in the region of Coquimbo, where orchards were badly affected. However, this year’s rains and accumulated snow present partial relief for next season.”

With regards to export markets, 98.6 percent of total exports were destined for the U.S., of which 73 percent went to the East Coast (29,928 tons) and the other 27 percent, to the West Coast (11,330 tons). The remaining exports were destined for Latin America (508 tons), Canada (65 tons), Europe (0.2 tons) and Japan (0.1 tons).


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