Argenti Lemon to uproot 15% of its groves amid global oversupply

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Argenti Lemon to uproot 15% of its groves amid global oversupply

Argenti Lemon has decided to uproot 15% of its trees, La Nación reports. The local publication noted that the Tucumán-based company made the difficult decision due to a lack of market and price drops.

"We are replacing 15% of the productive area. Lemon plants are being replaced by other crops. The volume and quality of our products is guaranteed," the grower shared on LinkedIn. 

Regarding the international overproduction, José Carbonell, president of the Argentinean Citrus Federation (Federcitrus) told La Nación: "Many producers are uprooting the plants, as most are prioritizing new plants. Maintenance is very expensive, and they are trying to keep the lots that yield more and are of better quality."

Carbonell also stated that in the last 10 to 15 years more companies and producers have joined the citrus sector. In 2000, for example, the world produced 3.7 million tons of lemons. However, in 2021, the industry produced a combined total of 8.5 million tons.

The executive mentioned that the value of the dollar, logistics crisis, marine freight issues and internal costs are among the biggest concerns for the citrus sector.

Argenti Lemon finished its social media statement encouraging other growers to apply similar measures to fight global overproduction. The family enterprise is the third largest lemon producer in Argentina, behind San Miguel and Citrusvil.

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