Spanish lemon production to decrease by 10%

Spanish lemon production to decrease by 10% due to adverse weather

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Spanish lemon production to decrease by 10% due to adverse weather

Spain's lemon production is forecast to decrease by 10% year-on-year in the 2022-23 season, according to the country's Lemon and Grapefruit Interbranch Organization (AILIMPO).

The decline is attributed, AILIMPO says, to adverse weather conditions during March and April. Significant rainfall during those months affected flowering and fruit setting in many production areas. In addition, higher summer temperatures resulted in delayed fruit development and smaller sizes. 

Combined, these unfavorable conditions could drop final production to 1,090,000 tons.The previous season closed at 1,211,000 tons according to the provisional balance. Verna is the most affected variety, with a resulting production that is 22% lower. The Fino variety is expected to endure a 5% drop.

Despite the 10% decrease, AILIMPO states that Spain will continue to lead European markets with conventional and organic lemons. Consequently, 53% of the total production will be sent to other EU countries, while 23% is to remain for domestic consumption.

Grapefruit Season

The Spanish entity also forecasted a 10% drop in grapefruit production to 76,000 tons.

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