Mexican spring veg in ‘Go Weather’

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Mexican spring veg in ‘Go Weather’

It’s been an interesting winter in the dry vegetable business, notes Chris Ciruli, COO of Ciruli Bros. LLC, in Rio Rico, AZ. “There has not been the movement or volume we’re used to. It’s been colder than normal.”

But he told Feb. 10 that finally Mexico was seeing temperatrures in the high 80s and 90s, which would really accelerate production. “In Mexico this is called ‘Go weather.’” Historically, Mexico doesn’t have freezes after Valentine’s Day, so the time has arrived for the Mexican spring deal to surge.

For Ash Wednesday (February 22) eggplant sales will skyrocket. New sets of cucumbers and zucchini will be coming into production. “We’ll have a good run in the spring market.”

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