Florida citrus growers "see hope on the horizon"

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Florida citrus growers

Following Hurricanes Iand and Irma in 2022, Florida growers were left facing extensive damage to citrus groves and other crops. 

But greening treatments and other techniques could make a difference in this season’s projections. Florida Citrus Mutual, the state’s largest trade association for the sector, has continued to push Congress for financial aid. 

The entity assured the publication that Congress “appropriated $3.7 billion to help with agricultural losses from hurricanes in the December 2022 omnibus bill”, but that growers haven’t been able to access these resources yet.

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“Florida Citrus Mutual continues to work with USDA and members of Congress to release the funds available to enable our growers to recover and rebuild from last year’s hurricanes,” CEO Matt Joyner was quoted as saying by Florida’s Voice.

The organization also stated that they’re expecting to harvest around 16 million boxes of oranges during 2022-23.

However, a January report published by the USDA is estimating all citrus categories down for the season.

“Florida’s citrus production is at record lows. But the plot is about to change. Growers will tell you that they see hope on the horizon. Greening treatments and other advances in research are making a difference,” Joyner said.

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