Vidalia begins shipping April 17

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Vidalia begins shipping April 17

The Vidalia crop looks “promising but will need good harvest weather,” Chelsea Blaxton Page, interim executive director of the Vidalia Onion Committee tells FreshFruitPortal April 14. The committee, predictably, is based in Georgia.

As to the trade market situation with other sweet onions, she notes, the for the U.S. market, “the Peruvian supply has basically ended” with the beginning of the Vidalia program set to begin April 17. “Texas is in the middle of their season and demand looks steady for all sweet onions.”

Blaxton Page indicates harvest and shipping calendar will run until Labor Day, adding that there are 10,000 registered acres for the 2023 season.

Asked about changes in packaging this year, she responds: “Most retail suppliers have been leaders in packaging sizes and styles whether that’s in a pre-pack or bulk supply. There are several growers that are sustainable by using recyclable packing materials.”

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A March 17 press release from the Vidalia Onion Committee (VOC) explained the first pack date of the season “is determined by soil and weather conditions during the growing season, which contributes to high quality Vidalia onions. The Vidalia Onion Advisory Panel voted April 17 as the 2023 pack date. Known for their sweet, crisp flavor and versatility, Vidalia onions are a seasonal treat suitable in a variety of dishes – from savory to sweet!

Because of the unique combination of weather, water, and soil in 20 South Georgia counties, this onion variety cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world – while all Vidalia’s are sweet onions, not all sweet onions are Vidalia’s! 

VOC Chairman Cliff Riner says, “Over the past few years, sweet onion sales have continued to increase, with onions being a big part of the market. We're looking forward to another great season this year.” Vidalia has grown sweet onions for 80 years.

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