Southern Hemisphere season starts for OSCAR kiwifruit

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Southern Hemisphere season starts for OSCAR kiwifruit

By Primland

From North to South

The Northern Hemisphere season is about to be intensive and challenging. The OSCAR® Greece kiwifruit campaign ended on a positive note with strong support for targeted country marketing actions. Primland expects to finish marketing its French kiwifruit towards the end of May with excellent shelf life and taste.

The kiwifruit specialist is now setting its sights on the south and is already busy marketing its off-season fruit: its OSCAR® CHILE kiwifruit and its yellow-fleshed OSCAR® GOLD kiwifruit grown in South Africa. 

Slightly increased volumes for the latter have already been commercialized for several weeks. They provide continuity in sales following the end of the Northern Hemisphere yellow kiwi season.

The partnership forged with South African producers over the last few years has allowed us to reinforce both the volumes and the quality of this premium product. Cultivated in strict compliance with the OSCAR® specifications and in accordance with the brand’s values, this kiwifruit meets the requirements of both customers and consumers who are looking for a kiwifruit of great flavor.

The company should distribute 45,000 trays of OSCAR Gold from South Africa.

Meanwhile, the OSCAR ® GREEN kiwifruit from Chile is steadily reaching maturity on the trees to achieve excellent organoleptic properties and optimal preservation throughout the season.

A quality fruit

The findings are encouraging. The OSCAR CHILE kiwifruit presents a very good average size (around 100 grams). Conducive production conditions resulted in superior fruit quality. Indeed, plants enjoyed good irrigation conditions. While water availability remains a recurring threat to global agriculture, it was not a major issue this season.

A favorable context

Primland has every reason to be optimistic, despite a predicted drop in Chilean production volumes of around 15%. Northern Hemisphere kiwifruit volumes are expected to close earlier than in 2022, thus giving way to Chilean provenance. Furthermore, the impact of the logistical disruption caused by the health crisis is
gradually wearing off. A return to normal maritime traffic, essential for this provenance, can now be expected.

A range that continues to grow

Primland will market its traditional Oscar Hayward variety, both in conventional and organic varieties. As for the Chilean OSCAR GOLD kiwifruit plantations, they will be released on the market in the coming years, as the trees are developing harmoniously.

Oscar Kiwi, always

Oscar Kiwi continues to be a proactive communications player (social networks, influencer partnerships, etc.) to support its brand awareness. Dedicated programs are planned in Latin America and Asia to promote the brand at points of sale.

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