Chiquita to optimize farming operations

Chiquita to optimize farming operations

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Chiquita to optimize farming operations

Chiquita has announced its induction into the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) and the planned implementation of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0 across its farms just in time for International Day of the Tropics to pay homage to tropical nations, roughly defined as the area between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, for being an ideal location to grow its sustainable bananas for more than a century because of its climate.

In a release, Chiquita indicates that as a global citizen, it recognizes its responsibility to protect the Tropics, the environment in which it cultivates its "tasty yellow bananas", leading the industry in sustainability practices through its “Behind the Sticker” approach for nearly three decades. 

SAI Platform is a community of more than 170 member companies, united by a purpose and the belief that the planet and the people who live on it are worth caring for. 

Members consider agriculture to be an industry with boundless potential to unlock sustainable futures for the people and ecosystems involved in it. 

The Farm Sustainability Assessment is an industry-recognized toolset that serves as a global verification framework for sustainable farming and sourcing practices, which enables companies to assess their sustainability practices and audit practices on 11 sustainability measures, including labor conditions, water management, air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Chiquita continues to be committed to preserving the tropics while empowering the communities that reside there. By working hand-in-hand with leading sustainability organizations such as SAI Platform, we can assess farming operations and create practices that optimize our sustainability in these areas” says Peter Stedman, Chiquita’s director of sustainability. ”For nearly three decades, the brand has worked to create sustainable changes in its tropical farming regions that will instill long-term value in these communities. By joining this global platform, the brand is able to share key insights into its sustainability efforts while learning from other leaders in agricultural farming.”

The company’s “Behind the Blue Sticker” strategic approach, implements the principles of sustainability with three main elements: The Farmers Code, focused on their farms and operations, Being a Good Neighbor, to communities, and For the Greater Good, of the industry and planet. 

Last year, Chiquita announced its “30by30” sustainability program, which aims to reduce carbon emissions across brand operations by 30% by the end of 2030. With this program, Chiquita is the first global fruit company to be recognized by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

“We’re proud to welcome Chiquita to SAI Platform, which was created to promote the worldwide development of sustainable agriculture,” says Joe Rushton, FSA Director at SAI Platform. 

“The FSA will provide Chiquita and its suppliers with an industry-recognized way of assessing, improving, and verifying on-farm sustainability performance. We look forward to creating positive change together,” adds Rushton.

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