Pennsylvania’s apple harvest begins

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Pennsylvania’s apple harvest begins

Rice Fruit Company, a leading Pennsylvania apple grower, has begun its 2023 apple harvest. The company is expecting a good season, focused on its commitment to freshness, sustainability, and delivering sweet-natured flavors.

In its 110th year of business, Rice Fruit had a slightly early start, the company began apple harvest on early varieties and will begin shipping the first days of August.  

“Every year, the anticipation renews itself, and this new crop is sure to exceed our expectations,”  shares Brenda Briggs, Rice’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We had  sufficient rain and sunshine, along with cool summer nights, all leading to beautiful apples with  fantastic flavor.” 

Rice Fruit Company harvest

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company says it's built on the firm belief that one must leave the land better than one found it. Rice  Fruit is invested in reducing its ecological footprint.  

“By embracing innovative practices and prioritizing eco-conscious solutions, we are ensuring the health of both our apples and the environment,” says Briggs. With a long history of utilizing  Integrated Pest Management programs, their grower partners effectively monitor pest pressure and eliminate unnecessary pass-throughs. Launching their pollinator garden this spring was another way to foster biodiversity and support vital pollinators, safeguarding the ecosystem that sustains their orchards.  

The Pennsylvania-based company has also incorporated renewable energy sources into its operations, like the solar-panel roof at its main packing facility.  “Our steadfast commitment to becoming carbon-neutral further cement our position as a  responsible steward of the environment. We have been concentrating on this for a long time and  are committed to furthering our knowledge and practices.”  

With over a century of experience in the fruit industry, the Rice Fruit team says it is proud of its progress, embracing cutting-edge technologies while preserving its heritage.  

Rice Fruit Company will begin shipping their early apple varieties: Gala, Ginger Gold, and  Honeycrisp, to seize the opportunity for first-to-market promotions. These high-flavor varieties offer opportunities for retailers and distributors to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the start of the apple season. 

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