Fresh Del Monte partners to expand cold storage

Fresh Del Monte partners to expand cold storage

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Fresh Del Monte partners to expand cold storage

Global marketer, producer and distributor Fresh Del Monte announced that it is joining forces with Flowspace, a software platform and distribution network that powers e-commerce logistics. 

The partnership seeks to leverage Flowspace’s software solutions while adding more than 30 Tricont temperature-controlled facilities to Del Monte’s scope.

Tricont Trucking and Tricont Logistics is Del Monte’s third-party trucking and logistics company.

The partnership allows the produce giant to continue leveraging its assets and growing its third-party logistics business.

“We believe Flowspace’s technology designed to facilitate ecommerce and retail fulfillment will help us continue expanding our Tricont Logistics business to be able to offer our best-in-class logistics services to more customers,” shares Ziad Nabulsi, Fresh Del Monte’s senior vice president of North America operations.

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Additionally, the alliance is set to expand Del Monte’s capacity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands within Flowspace’s existing network.

E-commerce presents a significant opportunity for CPG brands, with food and beverage growing more quickly than any other category. 

Yet this growth potential is often hampered by the scarcity of fulfillment partners capable of offering the temperature-controlled facilities and specialized services.

Aspects such as lot tracking, SKU-level reporting, and customizable picking logic are crucial for many CPG products, and this partnership is expected to provide just that.

"Flowspace software streamlines the end-to-end fulfillment operation, improving visibility and orchestration for merchants and fulfillment operators alike,” says Frank Garcia, senior vice president of operations  at Flowspace.

Tricont will leverage Flowspace’s OmniFlow software to orchestrate and optimize omnichannel fulfillment within its facilities for fulfillment and enhance its logistics capabilities.

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